Tips For Packing Your Suitcase to Be Prepared for Travel

It’s the day before your big trip. You have your flight information, know where you are staying, and have your car rental plans. There’s just one thing left. To pack your suitcase.

Over the last few years, I’ve traveled for my career, on-average about once or twice a month. Each trip, I drag out the suitcase and start packing for the trip that sometimes lasts 3 days and sometimes lasts a week. I’ve gathered a few tips that will assist anyone in packing for an upcoming trip.

Printed Items to Bring with You on Your Trip

I have found these items to be helpful when you are traveling. I typically like to have them all printed out so I can reference them if I need them.

  • Hotel – name, address, room details, confirmation number
  • Car Rental Confirmation amp; Receipt of Payment
  • Airline Confirmation with Travel Itinerary
  • Contact Name amp; Numbers for Emergencies
  • Driving Directions or Maps
  • Places to see or points of interest you want to visit

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